Hi, I’m Ashley and I enjoy nature parks and hiking, so I knew this would be an enjoyable class for me. Plants are cool, but I definitely (sadly) do not have a green thumb, as I’m not good at keeping my plants alive. I enjoy lots of indoor and outdoor house plants (more like friends) that I’m sure I will take pictures of to share. However, I do not know their specific species names…YET! đŸ™‚

My coat of arms represents me as I am a biology major (hence the cute plant). Also, my absolute favorite quote “life’s a climb, but the view is great” really describes me along my journey to becoming a doctor, as it’s a long, hard road, but you have to be able to see and enjoy it. Also, literally, going along with loving to hike, the views are GREAT. (Seen above in the picture of the Smoky Mountains from a couple weeks ago!