Hello! My name is Camryn!

I am currently a second year Evolution and Ecology student here at Ohio State. I have a deep rooted passion for the natural world and the bountiful wonders it possesses. The biodiversity in even the smallest of areas captivates me, as I try to understand the layers of life that make up the Earth. I am taking this class to further my technical skills and expand my knowledge that will be relevant to my career.

I adore being in the outdoors, participating in activities from hiking, kayaking, and skiing to foraging and camping. I am often enjoying nature and can be found outside as much as possible. I often take inspiration from nature to create art, as much of my interests are connected to it. My favorite plants have to be the bryophytes and ferns, alongside animals including reptiles, amphibians, cats, and arthropods.

My coat of arms represents myself in my infatuation with the outdoors, a fern and various other plants and animals adorning the different sections. I have lived in Columbus my entire life and love the native biodiversity Ohio displays. My quote features a line from poet Mary Oliver, as I encourage myself and others to lead a wild and fulfilling life.

Dryad’s Saddle Mushroom

Sandstone Cliffs in Cuyahoga Valley